Drizzle luscious, fragrant honey.

Made from golden New York raw honey and pure saffron threads ethically sourced from Taliouine, Morocco.

*2024 Good Food Award Finalist

Saffron Honey

Premium ingredients for your pantry.

Marché Berber combines ancient Berber flavors with a modern American perspective. Made from premium Moroccan ingredients like argan oil and saffron that is combined with New York raw honey to make unexpectedly delicious spreads that is a tasty addition from your breakfast table to your cheese board.

  • Provenance

    We work with cooperatives and artisans to source elemental ingredients such as argan oil and saffron threads to create small-batch & eco-conscious culinary delights, vegan beauty products and signature home goods.

  • Sustainability

    Glass jars are a versatile and sustainable way to store and transport food and drinks, and can be reused over and over again, limiting the amount of waste we create by not packaging with single-use containers.

  • Female Founded

    Starting a new life as an adult in America, Alissa brought this cultural mashup with her. But it wasn’t until the birth of her daughter "N" that she realized just how special her family traditions were. Now there was a new generation to acquaint to the smells and tastes of her childhood.